Wouldn't it be great to have someone find hidden opportunities in your business for you?

We know "innovation" and "finance" aren't often heard in the same sentence, but for us that's the norm. Whether it is finding creative ways to tease out information from your financials, or impromptu brainstorming sessions to generate new strategies, we are a powerful accelerator for your leadership team.  

We help you manage cash.

There is nothing scarier than wondering if you will be able to make payroll. We help put your mind at ease with regular cash forecasting, strategies, and reporting so you always know if you can meet your obligations. 

We help you make big moves.

You may see opportunities, like hiring a newly-available superstar in your industry, or want to acquire another company, or expand into a different market. We help you work through those scenarios, looking at the viability, strategic fit, and, of course, the financial impact, so you can move forward with confidence.

We help develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Reading financial statements may not be second nature to you. But you know that buried in those numbers are some good insights. We do the heavy-lifting for you and pull out the KPIs that you need to watch and improve to increase profits, manage cash or accelerate your growth. And KPIs are great for gaining alignment within your organization and holding people accountable for performance too. 

We are a catalyst to your creativity.

You probably have a ton of new ideas about your business. We help you refine those ideas into workable, profitable business models. We're known to initiate on-the-fly brainstorming sessions, challenge your assumptions, and make sure you have the people, processes and cash to make it all those good things happen. 

We produce accurate financials.

For a creative person, there is nothing as boring as accounting, unless your books are a mess, then life gets exciting, in a crappy sort of way. We take care of the mundane transactional work, but we'll also show you how powerful you can be when you have solid numbers you can rely on, that show you where you can improve customer and product line profitability.