We are technology enablers.

We enable venture-backed tech companies to have as much confidence in their numbers as they do in their code. By offering them a unique combination of strategic CFO advisory and tactical accounting execution all under one roof, developers can focus on getting their solutions to market faster, while knowing they have an experienced team monitoring their cash flow, tracking their critical KPIs, forecasting the future, and maintaining solid financial records.

Many services, one firm.


Financial modeling

Treasury management

Investor pitches

Board representation

Cash flow management

Monthly financial reviews


Strategic planning

Business model validation

Financial controls

Process documentation  Workflow improvements

Establishing KPIs


Monthly financial reporting

Senior level accounting

Accounting tech stack implementations

Cap table management


KPI tracking & reporting

We put numbers to our clients' vision.

We help our clients challenge their assumptions and work through their business model with them to ensure the solution they are creating has a market and can be monetized. We'll put the numbers to the vision, run the financial models to give investors the confidence in the business before they invest. 

We help manage cash.

With regular forecasting, we'll help manage cash flow and provide our clients and their investors visibility into their cash burn rate as well as help in treasury management strategies to ensure the business has a viable cash runway to get to market.

We track critical KPIs.

Our clients need to be able to respond quickly to their board, investors, and executive team with status updates and progress on meeting critical KPIs. Our team helps clients set and track the Key Performance Indicators and integrate them with their financials, so they can quickly track how well they are achieving their targets.

We produce auditable financials.

Consistent, accurate financials are the backbone of every organization.  With our accounting services, our clients' books are closed timely, GAAP compliant, reviewed by our Controllers and CFOs and presented to the client and investors monthly. We'll take care of all ACS 605 and ASC 606 issues. 

Our Leadership Team:

Mel Comer, CPA

Former CFO, COO, and Controller

 Certificate in Blockchain from AICPA


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Anna Masker

CFO/ Controller consultant, Certificate in Blockchain from MIT 


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