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Managing through a black swan event: Offense, Defense and Speed,
 a CFO's perspective.

Friday, March 13, 2020

12:30-1:30PM (EST)

In it's recent post Sequoia Capital warned the coronavirus is the black swan event of 2020 and recommends making "fast and decisive adjustments to changing circumstances." But where do you begin?


In this webinar we'll cover what actions you need to take now to best postition yourself to weather these volatile times, including:

  • Key areas to consider to assess your business' risk and exposure

  • Offensive strategies you can employ to create opportunities

  • Cash preservation strategies and forecasting

  • Defensive strategies to employ to stay on track

Presented by:

Mel Comer, CPA

Former CFO, COO, and Controller

 Certificate in Blockchain from AICPA

Anna Masker

CFO/ Controller Consultant

 Certificate in Blockchain from MIT


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